Chapter One – Stronger Together (Recap)

Our soon to be coterie awoke from their day time slumber in their respective havens. Only to find two large men in suits and sun glasses standing over each of them. Caught at a inopportune moment the pc’s had no choice but to hear the men out.

The men “request” the pc’s to come with them to meet Connor Mercury, the baron of Santa Monica.

Upon arriving at the Barron’s house the coterie got to briefly meet each other. Entering the mansion the group noticed that Connor is really into representations of Icarus.

The Baron introduced himself and got straight down to business. Several vampires in his domain, including one of this own staff had gone missing. All signs pointed to the old abandoned Fox Theater in Inglewood.

The coterie was formed after some persuasion (a mention of threats against touchstones for non-compliance and some encouragement via reward of contacts). They were told to head to the Helter Skelter a vampire friendly bar a few blocks from the theater. They were told to contact Hawthorne who would be at the bar owned by a vampire called Waco.

Upon arriving at the Helter Skelter the coterie spoke to the Waco. She informed them about the vanishing vampires including Hawthorne the sheriff of the barony (a tall slender man with an overcoat and a cowboy hat). She also gave them a run down about the theater saying it had been closed for a long time and no one seemed to want to be around it. Miles had a small look around and noticed an ex-vet that might come in handy later.

The coterie drove over the last remaining blocks to the theatre. The closer they got the more the night life seemed to drop off until they arrived and the streets were empty. The only life being staff in nearby stores who would probably rather not be there. The coterie was hesitant about going in, they chose to do a slow drive by to scope out the building and surrounds. After this they visited a local bottleshop to for more info about the theatre. The owner is questioned and mind wiped by Miles & co.

After hearing more of the strange stories about the theatre they decide going in is their only choice. Splitting into three teams they enter. At the front Dirk & Lenny break down the up frontage and enter.

Megan attempts to pick the lock and fails badly getting get lock-pick jammed in the lock. Miles is with her and decides to go around front upon seeing this. Megan uses some blood magic to turn her blood to acid and melts the lock. She shouts out in excitement but Miles has left her side.

Maeve goes up via the rusty and rickety fire escape, then enters via the sky-light. She is the first to be hit by the resonance wave (a cycle of different and intense emotional states), she succumbs to it’s effects. She then encounters some mortal vagrants in the old office space upstairs. They’re so distressed by the feelings in this place that they approach her yelling “MAKE IT STOP!” and slit their throats before her. She discovers one of the vagrants is holding an old blueprint to the building, she takes it.

The guy’s encounter the dusty and crumbling lobby. The wave also effects each of them. A jammed door leading to the theatre itself is the highlight of the lobby as 3-4 people seem to be ramming the door and shrieking in horror.

Megan is the last to enter and like everyone else is affected by the wave. She heads towards the guy’s, but before getting to them she searches for a spider and makes a potion with her own blood, using a bottle purchased from the bottle-shop before.

Maeve comes down the stairs covered in blood. Megan also joins the guys a the front near the door. Miles has a peak inside the opening of the jammed door and dodges an arm that comes forth to scratch at him.

a close call

He grabs the arm and starts to pull with his vampiric might. Because of his immense strength and the way the door is jammed the arm comes off it’s owner. A scream comes from behind the door. DARREN!

Poor Dazza

The group manages to open the jammed door and finds three shocked collage aged mortals. Miles is quick to wipe their memories and send them for a walk around the block (10 times).

Gathering around to look at the blueprint Maeve found, they discover the building has a basement which is accessed by a trap door in the left most corner of the theater space.

Upon entering the basement the coterie is overwhelmed by a euphoric feelings and descend the stairs towards a marble pedestal in the centre of the space. They all kneel and hold their palms up to the golden sphere on top of the pedestal. Megan is the only one to snap out of it and she reaches for the sphere. The millisecond her hand makes contact with the sphere a blast wave erupts and she’s sent hurtling backwards.

A figure that was also kneeling along side the group stands up and says:

Who the fuck are you!?