Chapter Three – Convergent Domum (Recap)

Miles awakes to the scene of horror and shock. The scion is bleeding from the eyes and is seen to by some of Octavia’s staff.

Octavia informs the coterie that the baron wishes to have a meeting with them. They go to an upstairs meeting room and converse with the baron via video link. The baron wants them to work for him on a longer bases, gives them the bunker as their haven. He also wants them to guard and look into the orb as well has assisting in keeping the baronary safe.

There’s a council meeting coming up in a month and Mercury wants everything running well as not to show weakness to the other barons.

The group agrees. They go back to their lives and make arrangements to move their stuff to the bunker and to also put their jobs on hold or get someone to fill-in.

Megan visits her blood dealer Diego and asks him to look out for her sire Clearwater.

Maeve takes Octavia on a little tour of her club. The pair get to know each other a little better.

Miles see’s his psychologist and they make plans to do a hypnotherapy session next week.

Lenny asks Octavia for a cd player..?

The next night Hawthorne gives them some matters to look into. They decide go check out what’s happening down at dockweilier beach.

They hit up Helter Skelter looking for more info. Miles makes friends with some vet’s and feeds on one in an alley. Waco warns him off doing that in the future.

Megan tries to get some info out of a ghoul but scares him off. Lenny tries to help but the ghoul gets away.

Maeve talks to Claude a (Nosferatu) and charms the hell out of him. Getting all the info she needs and making Claude fall for her as a side effect.

The group decide to head down to the beach after gathering all their intel.

As part of their Haven upgrades the coterie spends 7 points (1 from Maeve and 1 from Miles, rest from the generous story teller) to outfit their Haven to their needs. Details on Haven page