Chapter Five – Every breath you take (Recap)

Megan get’s a box left for her at the bunker from her sire.

The gang skype with the Baron. He wants the werewolf/creature taken care of before looking into possible Camarilla activity in regards to Megans sire.

They suit up and head down to where the last saw the werewolf. No sign of it at it’s den. They track it to a bridge over the storm water canal. Looks like someone has taken it.

They call in a favor with Dirk’s security contact to get info on the footage.

Footage shows a group of well armored people taking the creature into a van. Taliesin industries, located at the foothills of Pasadena.

The Coterie heads there. Maeve and Miles pretend to be a couple with a broken down car in order to jump the guard. Miles sends them for a walk but then get’s thirsty and drains him. The group checks out the security camera’s there are four guards inside in the same body armor as seen before.

They shut off the lights and prepare to enter. Two of the guards come out and the group engages, except for Megan who runs off out of fear.

They regroup inside and head into the labs upstairs. Looking through various rooms. Discovering a unconscious vampire and a werewolf in a suspended animation. They encounter two more of the guards. Maeve wall runs and attempts to take down down but the beast gets the better of her.

Megan hides in a room away from the fighting. While the rest of the group takes down the guards.

Just as they access the room at the end of the corridor they see a man in a lab coat move to the back of the space and hit a button on a remote. This releases claps on a examining table that was holding the creature from before.

End of Chapter 5