Chapter Four – Cold Blood, Cold Sand (Recap)

Lenny is called upon by Mercury to assist Hawthorne in investigating the Orb. He takes off with the vehicle the coterie was using, giving them the bird as he takes off while blasting 80’s french hip off.

The remaining coterie heads down to Dockweiler beach to investigate a growing conflict between a group of local anarch vampires and a group know as the roamers. Upon arriving the group comes across the two groups nearly at war with each other just outside the anarch coven.

Both groups are accusing each other of killing each others members. Upon talking to both groups our coterie works out that members from both groups have gone missing from the same area of the beach. Managing to call of a temporary ceasefire fire for a 24 hour period, the group then heads down to the southern part of the beach.

As they make their way down south they come across various bloody remains of different animals. They keep following the trail till it leads them to a storm-water drain.

They enter the storm-water system hearing howls in the distance. Miles is on edge and takes out a fearsome sewer rat with his gun. As they go further into the system they come across a large area where it looks like the werewolf has been living. Dirk has some flash backs to his past detailing being turn into a vampire and attacked by a werewolf in some unknown facility.

The group decide to prepare for a fight in this area as they fear the werewolf will come back soon. Maeve hands her silver bangles to Megan who uses her acid spit to melt it down. One in her mouth ready to spit at the werewolf and the other over some knuckle dusters Miles is wearing.

The werewolf doesn’t come through the tunnel and instead comes from above via the grates in the roof. The group is caught off guard. Megan falls from her high position ready to spit. Miles and Dirk engage the wolf with little effect.

Miles is swiped at by the creature and takes some nasty damage. He voices the werewolf doesn’t look quiet like a normal werewolf and has some vampiric features. Using dominate Miles manages to get the creature to run off again via the roof grate.

The group decide they are unequipped and the creature is too strong and head back to beach. Megan goes via the roof grate and rest of the group go back the way they came.

While Megan is heading back a voice yells out to her. “IM SORRY MEGAN” She can see two silhouettes across and on the high side of the stormwater cannal. Suddenly the large silhouette picks up the smaller one and hurls it onto the canal floor below. The larger silhouette shouts “BE SEEING YOU SOON MEGAN MY PET”. Megan cradles a dying Diego fighting off the urge to drink from him. He passes and she catches up with the rest of the group.

The coterie meet back with the roamers and anarchs to inform them about the werewolf. Handing back found ashes to the roamers who take their leave of the area. The anarchs also decide to keep out of the area for the time being.

After wrapping up with the groups the coterie gets Octavia to come pick them up and then head back to the bunker to regenerate and regroup.

End of Chapter 4