Chapter Six – Reality Check (Recap)

Maeve’s eye’s go nearly black as she freezes at the sight of the creature. She screams No! and proceeds to flee the scene. The creature turns around and slashes at the man in the white lab coat before heading back towards the three remaining members of the coterie.

Miles & Dirk have a brief scuffle with the creature. It takes some damage after being shot in the head by Dirk (glancing hit) and runs back into the room. Destroying all the lights either by punching them out of throwing lab equipment to break them.

Dirk is the only one with “night vision” so proceeds into the room with one of the pikes. The creature is hiding behind a bench which Dirk rushes to and stands above it with the pike ready to strike if it moves. It does move and Dirk catches it on the shoulder.

Just after the creature jumps away Dirk has another series of flash backs and his hands grow into claws, much more than his normal ability. His hands become overgrown and the nails are almost little swords.

Megan approaches with her phone light on to see if Dirk is okay as he’s not answering. Dirks neck snaps around at an unnatural angle to look at her. His eyes have gone completely white and he snarls.

He then leaps over equipment in the room, closing the distance between him and the creature. He then rips into the creature with a unsettling fury.

The creature expires and half of it’s flesh turns to ash.

After a short while Dirk returns to his normal state. His hands are a bit damaged and he can’t remember going wild.

The group goes over to the man in the lab coat. He’s near death so Miles gives him some blood to question him. He doesn’t give up much and they decide to take him back to the bunker and destroy the site their C4. (Megan also takes some Werewolf blood on the way out)

The coterie checks in with Octavia before destroying the site. She agrees to use the C4 due the extreme danger of the research being done. The one loose end is a vampire in torpor. She says to leave him in the blast.

After getting off the phone Megan doesn’t agree about leaving the kindred to die. The group goes back in and wakes him up. Miles again donates some blood to help.

The vampire turns out to be a Toreador named Cameron. He’s very very new and has no idea what’s going on or what has happened to him. The scientists at the lab had been taking bits of flesh and blood from him while keeping him knocked out mostly.

Lab goes boom. Coterie are too cool and don’t look back at the explosion.

They try to phone Maeve to see if she’s okay. Doesn’t pick up the call but texts back she’s okay but just needs some time.

Back to the Bunker

The group arrive back an hour before sunrise with Cameron and the Scientist in tow. The Scientist is taken into the infirmary, patched up and strapped to the medical bed.

The group claims Cameron is a friend and settles him into a secure room. They explain to him the new world he’s been reborn into. Megan and Cameron seem to get along like fighting brother and sister. Dirk keeps quiet due to the events of the night and a ever creeping hunger. Miles does most of the talk and is mentally exhausted after.

Hawthorne arrives back just before Sunrise. No Lenny.

He claims they went to a local vampire book co-op and Lenny simply vanished. Miles is tired and has had enough. He heads off to bed after flipping Hawthorne off.

The Next Night

The group rests, the day goes by outside.

They check in with Cameron who’s exhausting to talk to but generally more laid back tonight. They make sure he won’t leave the house for his safety.

Second on the agenda is interrogating the scientist from the lab. They get access to his phone. Just after is starts ringing. A voice on the other end asks for Thomas and then goes dead. The phone starts deleting all of it’s contents. It’s quickly switched off to prevent this. It was at 10%.

In questioning him he doesn’t give up much other than asking Dirk

“Are you running hot? Have you noticed any changes?”

Dr. Thomas Solarie

Megan drips some acidic blood on him to keep things moving and he gives up more. It turns out that he was working on something called Project Romulus. The creature they killed was the 13th. Dirk is the 12th test subject and was deemed a failure due to no signs of the Werewolf stem cells affecting him. The other test subjects “burnt” up and died not long after being infused with the stem cells.

Miles decides to feed Thomas for a 3rd time and makes him his ghoul.

Dirk’s history according to Solarie is a total fabrication. Designed to make the into the best weapons they could be. The vampire who found test subjects for research was called Katherine. She was the vampire who sired Dirk and she was the one responsible for breaking him out due to a change in of concision.

Solaire was working for a man called Schneider. He funded the project, organised the labs and everything else. He has no idea who or what the man is or worked for.

After getting all they can out of Solaire they decide to head down to the book co-op to look into Lenny vanishing.

End of Chapter 6.