Oil is thicker than blood

The safe house where the group has been staying isn’t as it appears. It’s actually very run down and falling apart. The smell of blood is always present. It was the site of a massacre of oil workers in the in 1954. Lacey Hudson was the owner. Her brother the infamous Cassidy Hudson was thought to be the killer. Cassidy and his cult “famille de rouge”

You all sleep for the day. It’s hotter out here and the day seems to drag on longer than normal even in your unconscious state. The sun feels like it’s centimeters from your body and the flimsy protection of this old house could vanish at any moment.

Night finally comes, respite. Miles is the alert to come around and is in the basement with the rest of the group. Suddenly the rest of the group rouses like a snap and the smell of blood washes over your senses (DOUBLE ROUSE CHECK) along with something else that the beast isn’t sure of.

The basement is far more aged than it appeared before. All the mattress are blood stained and yellow from age. The house is generally falling apart and dank.

You hear yelling from outside. COME OUT COME OUT AND FACE YOUR BARON.

Outside is Clearwater, Hawthorne and Octavia. They rush the group. (Once the group attacks them a little bit they flicker out and vanish).

A man in soiled dark blue leisure suit wearing Muse of Tragedy mask is noticeable when the trio vanish. He runs behind the house and is simply gone.

Phones don’t work. They just hear static and laughter then chanting in latin about the blood of Christ. Trying to exit the area just lands them back at the house.

Upon investigation in the house. They find a man upstairs. Black rimmed glasses, late 20’s, hipster type. Mark McIntosh. He’s scared out of his mind and takes some calming down. He’s suited up with a camera mount and has obviously been filming.

He’s the host of Ghost Journeys. He’s been trapped in the house for days he thinks. It’s always night though. His crew has been picked off slowly by the masked man. He won’t leave the room as it’s given them safety so far. He’s egotistical yet scared.

He has some background on the house. It’s well know to paranormal investigators for being a hot site. The land was deemed unfit for development. The oil was all burned up by a fire that started the same night as the massacre. It took 10 years to die out due to reserves under the ground.

The site had been in the family for a generation then was handed to Lacey Hudson upon her father’s passing. Her brother was furious that he wasn’t chosen, he was always unstable and cruel. His father didn’t trust him with the property.

He came back 10 years later to ask his sister for the land. He told her she owned him the land and he had earned it far more than she had. She called the police, then tried to get him committed. Which he was, briefly.

Around a month later he came back with his cult and killed everyone on site. It around 20 people back then. Men on shift working in the fields and the storage facility just to the north of the property. Also men on break in the house. Everyone was accounted for except for Lacey and Cassidy.

The storage site is visible behind the house. It’s a about 3 times bigger than the house. Red Brick build with a truck dock along the side. It’s secure. No way in (only way is via a tunnel from the basement of the house).

If the group goes here, then screams from the house will lead them back there. They will find Mark brutally murdered wearing a Muse of comedy mask in the basement.

A light will be coming from behind a big metal storage unit. A long tunnel lit with fluorescent lighting seems to head to the north.

Along the hall over and over is written “say your truth, be your truth” written in red spray paint. The lights flicker on and off almost in a perfectly synchronized roll up and down the length of the tunnel.

Midway up the hall. Another roll of flickers happen then suddenly everyone is alone in the hall.

They hear something behind them.

Miles – His wife happy and crying to see him. The beast claws furiously at him to feed on her.

Maeve – Her friends and staff from her club. In pain and slowly turning to ash one by one.

Megan – Clearwater embraces her and she feels happy and complete to her utmost horror. He places a golden clasp around her neck with a chain attached to it.

Lenny – Celia slaps him and calls him weak and never wants to ever see him again.

Dirk – Convulses on the ground and fully changes into the beast he saw in the lab. He starts heating up and his vision goes red. In front of him the rest of the group appear and he attacks them. A woman with long red hair, leather jack and jeans laughs at him as he rips his friends to pieces.

This repeats until each of the characters does from RP to speak their truth.

After each one does it they find themselves back with the group one by one.

Inside the storage facility. The inside is even worse than the house, anything metal has a good amount of rust on it. The air here is strangely free from the smell of blood.

You find a woman in denim overalls chained to a wall. Wearing the muse of comedy mask, she’s alive as far as you can tell. You remove the mask and find her face has been mutilated to give her a permanent bloody grin. She cries.

Lacey Hudson. Unaware of time. Still thinks it’s the night of the attack.

Cassidy shows up. He keeps yelling at her to tell the truth. Show me your truth Lacey.

Tries to attack the party. He’s fast and uses pressure waves to knock members down then stab them. Sounds of clapping and laughter are heard as members get knocked down.

Truth: Lacey was the curse of Cassidy’s unstableness and cruelty to others. Their parents never believed him and thought he was the bad one.

If the party and convince Lacey to tell the truth then a bright light engulfs the whole place and the group find themselves outside the house in the real world just as it looked when they found it.

If they can’t and they “kill” Cassidy then shadow engulfs them all and they wind up outside the house in the modern day. The house is on fire and they feel the pain of dammed spirits.