The Black Rose (Recap)

After the slaughter of the security force and the destruction of the Haven by Clearwater’s minions. Dirk shows up to a battle worn duo of Lenny and Miles.

Meanwhile Maeve and Megan arrive at The Black Rose. They’ve been given the task of stealing a blood alchemy book by Spider (the information broker).

The girls have a tough time trying to mingle with the elitist crowd. They decide of Maeve providing a distraction. Maeve gets the “bartender” to change the music and performs one of her famous burlesque dances. The crowd are enthralled at the sight of this.

Megan pickpockets the bartender and slips into the back. She uses her acid blood to open the safe and sets off an alarm.

The guys meanwhile have headed back to Spiders. A mysterious car tails them but they lose it. They ditch their phones from the baron and get new burner phones. Spider warns them that the heist is in danger as Therese Voerman baron of Hollywood, is on her way to The Black Rose. They decide to head over and try to assist Maeve and Megan.

Bluffing their way in past the security guards the guys find Maeve dancing on the bar and Megan moving through the crowd looking like she wants to leave.

The group leaves in Miles’s car. They head back to Spider’s and exchange the book for the un-encrypted hard drive. Not before Megan sneaks off with the book to “adjust” some of the spells. They suspect the book has been stolen for Clearwater.

Miles uses his contact to find a safe house for the night. His contact provides the location of one out in the oil fields, it has good sight lines all around and is isolated so any fights won’t draw attention.

Traveling to the safe house isn’t straight forward. The mysterious car shows itself again. The group pull over to try and confort it but it passes by and drives off into the night.

Arriving at the safe house they all decide they need supplies. Before they leave, Dirk finds some local dogs and befriends them using his animal talking abilities.

At the local Walmart, the group goes off to get their items. Miles has wonderful customer service interactions again and procures a bunch of guns with ammo.

Megan prints out the photos she took of the blood and puts them in a nice new blue paw patrol folder.

Maeve gets some clothes but isn’t happy at all about their look and feel. Lenny feeds on a long distance trucker parked in the parking lot.

They arrive back at the oil fields safe house and settle in for the day. Everyone except Miles sleeps in the basement. Miles stays in his car in a large industrial shed/garage at the back of the house.