Oil is Thicker than Blood (Recap)

The Coterie awaken in the oil field safe house. This wasn’t the same realm as the went to slumber in. The house is much much older and worn out and the smell of blood is persistent.

They hear the Baron and his associates calling them to come out and face them. In attacking them they find them to be phantoms that vanish once struck.

Using her camera on her phone, Megan see’s what’s really at the site in reality. She also takes a selfish and see’s her sire behind her.

They see a man wearing a old blue lesuiresuit and a comedy theater mask run off in the distance behind one of the many oil pumps.

He leaves behind a screen actors his card with the name Cassidy Hudson and dated 1964.

Some of the group try to leave car but arrive back outside the house again.

The group hears screams coming from inside the house. A quick check upstairs reveals a human man in one of the bedrooms. He’s Mark McIntosh. He’s been filming a episode of Ghost Quest. He gives the party details on what occurred here.

Cassidy Hudson had come in one night with his cult “famille de rouge” and killed all the workers. All the bodies were found except Cassidy and his sister Lacey. He talks about a storage warehouse North of the house about 1km away.

According to the paw patrol blood tome the site is on ley lines which is why this massacre has cause such a rip in reality.

The group investigate the red brick warehouse and find no way in. The more force they use to try and break in, the more the invisible barrier protecting the warehouse seems to repeal them.

Miles calls out to Cassidy and hears only old timely music in reply.

They suddenly notice Mark has vanished then screams from back in the direction of the house.

The group goes back to the house except Megan who’s busy reading through her Paw Patrol Blood Tome for clues on how to get back to reality and stop all of this.

Miles ends up in a frenzy due to finding Mark’s body (in a toga hanging upside down with a tragedy theater mask on it) and gets into it with Lenny. Lenny manages to subdue him and also breaks him arm. Maeve gets Megan to come and rejoin the group as she was worried about the fighting.

They find an entrance to a long passage presumably leading up to the warehouse. The group reads some graffiti on the walls as they walk down the hall, “say your truth, be your truth”

Their confronted with their worst fears (well what the DM thought might be their worst fears). One by one they speak their truths and are reunited with each other.

They finally make it into the warehouse (Bar the devastated Miles). It’s corrupted and rusted almost hellish. Lacey is chained the floor and as they go to her Cassidy appears in the upper cat walk. Megan knows how to break the curse and gets Cassidy to speak his truth.

He was abused by his sister and no one believed him. Which destroyed his dream of becoming an actor and he slipped into being in cults and eventually making his own. Once this was heard and acknowledged by Megan then the curse was lifted.

The group is back in reality. The warehouse is nothing but a concrete slab now. Miles was stuck down in the tunnels but managed to get back into the house.

Due to the spiritual energy on the site Megan wants to stay for a while and learn about it, while also studying up on her new tome.