In From The Cold (Recap)

The group left Megan at the Oil site house to research her paw patrol tome.

They went to hotel DeVille in Hollywood to meet with Maeve’s contact/blood source. Using the office facilities at the hotel (Thanks to Maeve’s reputation at the hotel) they accessed the hard drive. Finding out that Dirk’s sire had an association with a group called Apex who are know to be in Death Valley. It also reveals that Dirk was an orphan and in foster care until he ended out on the streets.

Miles and Maeve decide to stay at the hotel. Lenny and Dirk decide to go back to the oil field to check on Megan and stay during the day.

Miles attempts to heal his damaged arm but it fails and he goes into torpor. Maeve finds him and alerts the rest of the group. He needs blood from a vampire of a older generation.

Lenny calls in a favor from a criminal contact (Jasmine) to procure some blood for Miles. A few hours pass and the blood to ready to collect from his contact. While the boy’s go out to collect the blood, Maeve tries on some new stylish and combat ready oufits.

Dirk waits in the car while Lenny collects the blood. Lenny “spikes” the blood with some of his own. They return to Miles and give him the blood. He comes out of his Torpor and is now BEST BUDDIES with Lenny (for 48hrs at least). Miles uses his Circulation System Token to order some ex-military beefcake to get his hunger back down.

The group decide to go the next night to death valley as most of the night is gone. Miles goes to check on Megan this time and then heads back to the hotel. The boy’s spend the day “drinking” in the bar while Maeve get’s some rest.

The next night the group minus Megan head out to Death Valley (2.5hr drive) to a small town called Leadfield. The only place hopping this time of night in this tiny town is the bar on main st. The group enters and realises its a special costume event night. The music stops as a bunch of cowboys and cowgirls stare at them. The music restarts shortly after they enter.

Questing the locals goes no where. They won’t speak about Apex at all out of fear. A new comer to the area gives them details of what he’s heard. He doesn’t believe that they exist and bids them farewell.

Moments later as the group leave they find the man hanging from a street light and his guts hanging out. The local Sheriff questions them and tells them not to leave town for a few days, but let’s them go on their way.

The group travel up to the cave complex the man mentioned. It’s about 30mins out of town. Dirk and Maeve try to sneak in but Dirk triggers a booby trap flamethrower and catches on fire. Maeve frenzies and flee’s at the sight of the fire.

Lenny and Miles rush up to help and Maeve collect’s herself and joins them. Miles calls out for anyone to come out of the cave.

A man and a woman come out. It’s Katherine.

Dirk questions her and she let’s it spill

She talks about having a child and then being turned by part of the Gang “Jester”. He did it for fun and she hated him for it. She had to leave her human life behind as Jester wanted her as a companion. He threatened her family and child if she were ever to let the gang know about his cruel act.

Over the years she had tried to let the gang know about Jester and all of them knew how twisted he was, but they never stopped him. They feared him. Maverick never knew about Jester’s dark side and the only reason Maverick was still in charge was because Jester looked up to him.

Once she had discovered her family had either died or moved on and her son was in foster care she took her revenge. She left and worked her way into the 2nd inquisition. It was very difficult hard to gain their trust but she did it. She was set up to assist the hybrid program. By capturing vampires used to tests. She picked off members of the gang any time they went into Leadfield or left the safety of the cave. This was done slowly until only Maverick remained. She had trouble capturing him due to his paranoia about whatever was attacking the gang.

So because of her inability to provide more subjects to the experiments the project team started capturing homeless people and brain washing them. She would turn them and they would attempt to make them hybrids. They were almost there, when she realised one of the people they turned was her son. Dirk is son.

I’m so sorry Dirk. I’m so sorry for it all. You had nothing and even then I managed to take that away from you. I was out of revenge and didn’t care who I hurt and it ended up hurting you.

Upon hearing all of this Maverick moves to kill Katherine. Miles springs into action and point blank shoots him with his saw-off shotgun. Dirk goes into his hybrid transformation and rips into the corpse until there’s nothing left but a bloody mess.

The group gets back into Mile’s car and heads back to L.A.

Dirk and his mother leave the group once they arrive back at Hotel DeVille. They want some time to catch up and get to know each other.