Nightcrawler (Recap)

The bloodbond between Lenny and Miles has faded and Miles doesn’t seem worried about it. He’s friendly with Lenny, too friendly.

The group is contacted by the Fake Baron. He’s claiming to have a way to take down Clearwater.

Clearwater has a compound protected by a few strong blood magic wards. The only way to break these are to kill someone from his bloodline and use their blood to break them. This bound be done by killing Clearwater’s sire or Megan siring someone and killing them.

The only other option is to get help from the Camarilla.

They decide to go to the Cam.

The coterie drives out to the Yucca valley outside LA to a luxury desert compound. The Camarilla outpost.

A strike team to assist is offered but the group don’t want to be know to being helped by the cam and want something more subtle.

Megan leaves upset at having to work the the cam and steals the groups car. The beat up car from a few nights ago is behind her and trying to push her off the road. She manages to keep her car on the road and wipe it out.

Miles is left to discuss the deal with Helena and his true intentions are shown. He wants to be made baron in place of Clearwater Helena agrees to the terms but wants the coterie to become Camarilla members.

The group are given a nice car to travel back to LA. They haven’t chosen how to take down the wards yet.