Regicide…or our best efforts (Recap)

Lenny, Miles & Maeve arrive back in LA. Megan is currently at the oil field having taken Miles ride, unhappy at having to deal with the Camarilla.

Dirk contacts the group via a group text, which Megan ignores. The rest of the group meet up with him at the hotel. The night is nearly over and the majority of the coterie stay at the hotel for the day.

The next night they group text Megan with no response. They figure she’s at the oil fields and plan to head over.

Lenny contacts a friend who’s a cyber-security expert, but also someone who could have his back if anything goes further south with Miles. They make plans to meet up the next night.

As the group is coming to find Megan at the oil fields, she takes matters into her own hands. She get’s in contact with everyone’s favorite Irish sheriff and makes him a deal. Get Clearwater to come out here alone or she will burn her book (The Book of the Grave-War). The thing that’s kept her free of further attempts by Clearwater to blood bond her and a powerful Treme tome.

The group arrive and Megan informs them of her plan. Suddenly a bolt comes out of the dark. Hawthorne, Clearwater and Octavia are on the attack. Megan uses her blood magic to activate her blood spells placed on Hawthorne, Cameron and the fake baron. Dirk uses the werewolf blood to transform into a controlled version of his hybrid state.

Hawthorne is taken down and staked. Octavia is knocked out of action with a damage leg and Clearwater panics. He jumps into the nearby Camarilla muscle car and takes off. Grabbing and dragging beside the car Octavia along the way.

Miles calls in for Camarilla backup which comes in a few minutes later. The strike team enter the fight but take shots at everyone, looking like they want to disable and capture all involved.

The group escapes in Miles car along with the disable Hawthorne. Heading out of the city towards the cave complex where they found Dirk’s mother. Miles commits Diablerie on Hawthorne and asbords his essence and power.

Maeve frenzies out at this and attacks Miles. She’s subdued and intimated by Miles.

The group arrives at the cave complex. On edge and close to breaking.

Lenny says he’s found a new found respect for Miles and his increase of power…

Megan conspires with Maeve to plant a blood bomb on Miles, but Miles catches wind of this and intimidates Maeve again. He also shoots Megan in the face leaving her barely “alive” and a nasty hole in her face.

She takes off to the highway. Dirk gives chase and tries to bring her back to the group but she flags down a car and Dirk slips back into the darkness of the woods.