Notable NPCs

Connor Mercury – The Baron of Santa Monica

Little is know at this point except the Baron has a liking for the mythic figure of Icarus and that he isn’t shy about threats to get what he wants.

Waco – Owner of the Helter Skelter

A mid 40’s gruff and no non-sense Brujah woman. She keeps out of greater vampire politics as much as possible but tends to hear things from the mortals and vampires that pass through her bar. She’s wise enough to know when to play her part to the local baron as needed.

Hawthorne – Sheriff of Santa Monica

An Irish man playing a cowboy. He’s tall slim with long hair and beard. He likes the work alone and is serious all the time. The coterie seem like a bunch of drunken pre-preschoolers to them and sighs heavily when he has to work with them, especially Lenny.

Octavia – Assistant to Mercury and Coterie

Efficient and stylish. This toreador vampire see’s work as her art. She likes things to run smoothly and be pleasant. She’s quiet happy in her unlife and excels in her role. Whatever the group needs she can find on short notice.

She share’s a little bit of Hawthorne’s judgement of the group being childish misfits but in a sort of motherly way.