The Coterie

Largely unknown to each other. This coterie was brought together by the Baron of Santa Monica. Their disconnect from Vampire society and their weakness via touchstones proved to be a great combination for the Baron. He’s had an easy time to get them to bend to his will.

Fear is proof of a degenerate mind.

Publius Vergilius Maro
Meagan Hobbs (Treme) - Runaway Warlock
As a teenager She became his thrall, serving him loyally (and lovingly for such is the nature of bonds) until the fall of the Tremere Prime Chantry in Vienna at the hands of the Second Inquisition. In the upheaval Meagan, along with many other young warlocks, broke free of her Sire’s blood bond and fled.

Surviving on the streets as a young vampire was tricky at first. She slept in trash heaps, under buildings, and in graves, never staying anywhere for more than one night. She found drinking from people disturbing because while she was bound to Theodore she only ever drank blood directly from his veins. As a result she turned to the black market to buy bagged blood instead. It doesn’t taste good but it works and gives her blood to experiment with for her rituals.
Dirk Robertson (Gangrel) - Young Veteran - Looking for Answers
Dirk’s grew up in a classic part of the American countryside in Utah, in a loving but hard working and slightly distant household. Like many of his peers as the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns wore on he felt compelled to join the Army to support the American effort.

Dirk is physically strong and while he doesn’t have book smarts he is a good tactical thinker. He performed well in the army and while he wasn’t part of the elite units he was given some freedom on missions in Syria.

On one of these missions he was briefly captured. During this time he was blindfolded and tortured and drugged and he can’t accurately remember what happened. It was in this period that he became a vampire.
Lenny Barr (Brujah) - Academic Out For Revenge
Lenny Barr former, Raoul LaMole, was an academic In Toulouse specialising in Mythology and the Occult. He was also a keen practitioner of diverse martial arts and Toaism.

After noticing oddities about his fellow lecturers he discovers they are part of a vampire clan called the Tremere. After a Vain attempt to expose them he is attacked by them and left for dead. Barely surviving the attack Raoul is Embraced by a Brujah vampire Celia.
Maeve Blak (Toreador) - Burlesque Seducer
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Miles Day (Venture)- Morally Grey War Veteran
A former patrol leader in the Australian SAS, Miles and his squad accidentally intruded in a clash between Camarilla and Sabbat. Siding with the less monstrous side, they found themselves recruited into a Ventrue-owned PMC. Serving as bodyguards for Anastasia Tsing as she fought in the Gehenna War, the squad was fed her vitae, quickly growing into addicted Ghouls. Miles himself went one step further, beginning an affair with Anastasia.

On a routine convoy escort mission, the Camarilla forces were ambushed. Miles was hit in the opening salvo and fell from his vehicle, laying dying on the side of the road. He remembers nothing further until he awoke the following night, digging himself out of the dunes, desperate to feed. All the bodies, debris, and sign of conflict were gone.

Knowing the Camarilla would not stand for his unauthorised embrace, he flees, abandoning his family to hide in the Anarchist Free States of L.A